Preparing your Quilt for the Longarm


You must provide backing for your quilt that is at least 5″ larger than your quilt top in every direction for a total of 10” longer and 10” wider than you’re your quilt measures.  This extra fabric is needed to attach the top and bottom to canvas leaders and to reduce the tension that can be placed on the quilts by the side clamps that are attached to the quilt.

Backing fabric must be squared prior to submitting for quilting.  If you piece your backings use a ½” seam pressed open.

Quilt Top

Trim loose threads from your quilt top and press.  If I am quilting a panto on the top it doesn’t matter whether the seams are pressed open or to one side.  If you are requesting custom Stitch In the Ditch work however, seams must be pressed to one side consistently.  

Quilt tops must be square.  I can ease in some fullness but please remember that the end result is determined by the quality of the piecing.

Borders – There are many excellent tutorials on attaching borders to quilts to eliminate waviness and fullness, however, in summary:  Measure the width of the quilt at the top, middle, and bottom.  Cut two borders to the average of these measurements.  Mark the middle and quarter of each border and the sides of your top.  Match the markings on the quilt top to the quilt border and gently stretch or ease the pieces together.  After stitching, iron the seams to the borders.  After attaching the side borders, follow this same process for the length of the quilt.  


I can supply a very high quality batting and I offer it at a very competitive price in order to ensure I work with a quality product.  If you do prefer to supply your own batting, it must meet quality standards so please confirm in advance what you plan to provide.  An extra 4” on each side for a total of 8” extra for both length and width of the quilt.